To tell a good story, you have to understand how to connect emotionally with the targeted audience. Weather it is to teach children about the wonders of imagination or selling a specific product or idea to help someone solve their problem. 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

studiosapiens is a Visual Effects / Post production company based in Copenhagen. It's started in 2012 and run by visual effects artist and director Fredrik Lindgren, who has worked proffesionally with technicaly challenged storytelling and visual effects since 2008.

Fredrik is one of the driving forces behind the hit show "Onkel Reje" on DR's childrens channel Ramasjang. He also works as a freelancer and does VFX Supervision, directing, animation, compositing, 3D modeling and consulting.

studiosapiens can help you to plan and execute your whole, or parts of your technical workflow and post-production. This also often includes supporting directors, photografers, producers, illustrators in pre-production and on set.

Feel free to contact Fredrik for a talk about how studiosapiens can help you.

studiosapiens - Fredrik Lindgren
Burmeistergade 6, st tv - 1429 Copenhagen K - DENMARK
Mobile: +45 40 95 79 77 - email: fredrik@studiosapiens.net